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Is the Euro the Cancer of the European Union? Lecture with Heisbourg, Boot and Frits Bolkestein

Live stream recording - Wednesday 21 may 2014 - in English
"Sacrifice the euro to save the EU. The euro has become the cancer of the European Union, we have to cut it out" - Francois Heisbourg (International Institute for Strategic Studies - IISS)
Debate with Arnoud Boot (University of Amsterdam)
Moderated by Frits Bolkestein (retired dutch politician, ex-party leader of VVD, ex-Minister of Defence)

About the euro in order to save the EU. The euro has become the cancer of the EU, we have to cut out, 'says Fran├žois Heisbourg in NRC Handelsblad. Heisbourg is president of the leading international think-tank in London International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), socialist, convinced pro-European, diplomat and professor. Heisbourg, adviser to many politicians, is in favor of a federal Europe but sees an increasing threat to the euro. He wants the currency still prefer abolition before the elections in May.
The euro can only operate according to the Frenchman in a kind of European state with a sort of Ministry of Finance. That there is not, and it comes in his time being either. According Heisbourg the stability of the euro can not do without European taxation, a European social safety net, pension and health care center. But the citizens do not want it. Heisbourg: "Then you must have the courage to say this leads nowhere, let's stop it."
On the eve of the European elections keeps Heisbourg in De Balie a lecture at the invitation of the Foundation "Reality In Perspective". He will speak on the economic and monetary union and - by extension - of the European Union.
After his lecture Heisbourg will discuss with economist Arnoud Boot, professor of opinion among finance and financial markets at the UvA. The evening will be moderated by Frits Bolkestein.

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